Real Safaris | A Love Story from Africa | Tanzania – Cape Town

Real Safaris | A Love Story from Africa | Tanzania – Cape Town

We were blessed to be able to plan, organise, and assist two newlyweds in crafting an exceptional honeymoon in the African bush of Tanzania, before moving on to a few blissful days in Cape Town. Our guests were absorbed into the rhythmic days of Africa, and enjoyed luxurious living at three of &Beyond’s magnificent safari lodges, before ending their adventure at the beautiful La Residence Hotel in Franschhoek.

Explore the highlights from this love story in Africa, from our Real African Safaris series!

The TMAC Guestbook

We enjoyed a fantastic honeymoon with the help of Malcolm and his extraordinary team. We began in Tanzania where we stayed at three different &Beyond properties, including Klein’s Camp, Serengeti Under Canvas and the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.

Regardless of setting or accommodations – which, while all unique, were stunning and incredibly luxurious – a sense of warmth exuded throughout our stays. The teams at each property truly became friends, and we still think of them fondly often. And of course, the safari experience at each did not disappoint! We then made our way to Franschhoek outside of Cape Town where we spent three nights at La Residence. It was the perfect way to end a magical trip filled with great wine, fantastic food and unparalleled luxury.

– @carolyntlynch and @alexlynch56

What was your favourite moment on safari?
Our final night at Klein’s Camp, driving through the Serengeti during an incredible sunset, followed by “sundowner” cocktails and a night drive.
What was your favourite wildlife sighting on safari?
Lots of lion cubs! Or really any baby animals ūüôā
Where did you experience your favourite meal on safari?
Our final night at Klein’s Camp, where they set up a romantic dinner outside our cottage. Peter, the chef, was unbelievable and his smile could light up a room! His bright personality made the food taste all the more amazing.
Where was your best night's sleep on safari?
Second night at Under Canvas- we had had one night to get used to the sounds outside our tent, and the cool air put us right to sleep after an exciting day on safari!
What recommendations or advice would you share with others who want to visit Africa?
Do it! Especially in today’s world, all the testing and travel and visas can seem overwhelming, but TMAC made the process so seamless and the properties went above and beyond in making sure we felt safe and healthy throughout.
Did you feel safe while travelling Africa, and staying at the safari lodges?
Perfect segue from our last answer! We truly felt safe during our entire trip. In terms of “security safety” we were thankful we had someone to meet us at all airports and guide us through the (sometimes confusing) process of visas/entry/etc. And “health safety”-wise, we were thankful that testing coordination was taken care of for us and everyone we encountered was courteous and mindful with mask wearing, etc.
Would you visit Africa again?
Without a doubt! We already cannot wait to come back. We both agree that it is a life changing trip. Life can get overwhelming, and there are few places in the world that allow you to unplug and focus on your loved ones like you can in Africa. It is a truly special place that we feel so blessed to visit together.

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