Why a Private Guide?

You have booked the best safari experience Africa can offer – incredible locations in different lodges and countries; wildlife destinations second to none and game viewing experiences of the highest quality. But since this is to be the experience of a lifetime, is there anything that can make it even better?

A specialist guide or safari concierge, an African safari expert, a host, a friend, someone who warmly and professionally hosts you through your adventure ensuring every aspect exceeds your expectations. While removing nothing from the excellent local guides at the various lodges, your private guide understands the flow of your safari. They know what you love and what you dislike and their intimate knowledge and passion not only adds value, but is also guaranteed to improve your wildlife viewing. In the overall concept of an African safari budget, the modest additional charge is guaranteed to reap substantial reward.

Our Offering

Flying Safaris

The Ultimate in Luxury

The ultimate in luxury. Africa’s best pilots and guides attend to your every need every step of the way, as you travel with us in complete comfort, flexibility and security.

Privately Guided Safaris

Experts in the field

Traveling with one of Africa’s top specialists, every aspect is taken care of with continuity, as you are accompanied throughout on your safari.

Unaccompanied Safaris

Professionally curated itineraries

Our London Travel Shop with the best rates and relationships in the safari industry (largely driven by our team of private guides) is the fastest growing segment of our market.


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