Passport to Rwanda | Travel to ‘Unexpected Africa’

Passport to Rwanda | Travel to ‘Unexpected Africa’

Welcome to Africa’s Jungle- an unexpected gem of biodiversity, mesmerising landscapes, and rare encounters; all encapsulated in the tiny country of Rwanda. Discover patch-worked foothills in vibrant green, crystal clears waters that journey to settle downstream, and unusual horizons as Volcanoes slice their summit into the skies.

Home to 13 different species of primates, including the endangered Mountain Gorillas, visitors to this unspoiled scenery will find themselves immersed in Africa’s rain forest and the surprising stories that unfold above the eucalyptus trees, or between the gaps of the bamboo walls.

Travel to Rwanda and you can experience a unique, unexpected side of Africa.

Travel to Rwanda

Unspoiled Sceneries
A tapestry of colours and habitats
Rwanda is an unspoiled wonderland; a country of great landscapes and unexpected surroundings
Gold and Silver
Rwanda's Precious Treasures
Trek and encounter some of earth’s most critically endangered primates, the Silverback Mountain Gorilla, and the Golden Monkey.
The Land of 1 000 hills
Volcanoes and Valleys
Embrace an unexpected side of Africa with Rwanda’s rain-forests and volcanoes, which are home to a diverse range of wildlife and birdlife
Square Kilometres
Rwanda is a tiny country, roughly the size of the state of Maryland

Wildlife in Rwanda

Rwanda has 3 distinct eco-systems across its lands, attracting a truly diverse number of wildlife to its fertile soils. The tapestry of habitats include the grass plains and pristine lakes that stretch along the eastern borders, the Western mountains clad in a canopy of green, and the montane biome of Volcanoes National Park that is lush with woodlands and bamboo forests, swamps and shrubbery.

These spaces attract a vast range of wildlife- from big cats such as the lion and leopard, to 13 different types of primates, including the rare Mountain Gorilla and Golden Monkey. From grass grazers like the zebra, giraffe, and hippo, to over 600 species of birdlife, there is no shortage of incredible wildlife opportunities within the rich territories of Rwanda.

Travel to Rwanda to meet and mingle with the families of Silverback Mountain Gorillas. A glimpse into the eyes of these magnificent beasts will become a treasured memory for life. To be surrounded by these giants as they amble freely in their leafy habitat; to watch as they play and embrace mere metres from you is an encounter that you will relive daily.

th Safest Country
Rwanda is listed as the ninth safest country in the world by the World Economic Forum

Lodges in Rwanda

Travel to Rwanda to discover world-class accommodation set against dramatic backdrops. We’ve partnered with exclusive and luxurious camps across Rwanda that bring sophisticated elegance and comfort to the land’s offerings, but who also work to protect and conserve these precious habitats. With their strong sense of ecotourism, highly experienced guides, and unforgettable moments, each of our recommended camps craft the epitome of a life-changing experience.

Each camp is nestled in pristine locations, at the heart of wildlife activity, surrounded by majestic landscapes, offering an elite insight into the fascinating secrets of Unexpected Africa.

A genuinely luxurious and eco-sensitive safari lodge
Bisate is located in the natural amphitheatre of an eroded volcanic cone, with dramatic views of the peaks of the Bisoke and Karisimbi volcanoes rearing up through Afro-alpine forests. Encountering one of the gorilla groups in the nearby Volcanoes National Park is a bucket-list experience.
An unparalleled position
Featuring luxurious suites with a private heated plunge pool, in- and outdoor fireplaces and large timber-framed windows that welcome the breathtaking scenery and volcano views inside.
Awaken your wild spirit of adventure
Cushioned in the foothills of the breathtaking Volcanoes National Park, One&Only Gorilla’s Nest makes the magical possible as you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime, personal encounter with the rare and majestic mountain gorillas roaming free in their own natural habitat
kilometres from the equator
Rwanda lies 75 miles south from the Equator

Experiences in Rwanda

The richness of Rwanda’s wildlife is equalled by the diverse range of activities available on her lands and waters, making travels to Rwanda an all-rounded experience. Each of our luxurious lodges have world-class activities that write adventure-rich stories that will captivate body and mind, while also maintaining standards of eco-sensitivity and expertise.

Take a guided hike and listen as The Land of a Thousand Hills beckons you to tread within her enchanting landscapes. Immerse yourself in the cities and stories of the Rwandan people with a cultural visit or engage in an exquisite farm-to-table fine dining experience.  Search for Earth’s endangered beasts on foot, as you trek to discover troops of Golden Monkeys, or families of Silverback Mountain Gorillas. End of your glorious days with massages and spa treatments that are imbued with the traditional wisdom of the African people.

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Estimated gorillas
Rwanda is home to one-third of Earth's entire gorilla population

Climate in Rwanda

Travel to Rwanda to explore a tropical, unexpected climate of Africa. The lush vegetation and elevation of Rwanda means that is has a temperate tropical climate, and doesn’t experience extremes in temperature as there is little variance in temperature throughout the year. Rwanda sits just south of the equator, which means that the climate is pleasantly warm all year round, and there is no real winter or summer- rather, the country of Rwanda experiences 2 wet seasons, and 2 dry seasons that vary in length.


June to mid-September is Rwanda’s long dry season, and one of the best times to visit. Although there is hardly ever rain during this time, the rain forests may experience some precipitation. Days are warm and pleasant, and the nights are cool and clear


The Wet season experiences two periods of rainfall, the short and the long rains, with a short (very unpredictable) dry spell in between.

From October to December, the short rains visit the lands, and the rain forests habitats can experience very wet periods during this time

January and February see a slightly drier spell, although their timing is unpredictable. The National Parks of Volcanoes and Nyungwe can still be very wet during this time

March, April and May welcome the ‘long rains’, where it can rain for days. These are the wettest months in Rwanda.

June to August
Days are warm and temperate | 27°C (81°F)
Nights are cold and clear | 16°C (61°F)
October to May
Days are warm but overcast with thundershowers or downpours | 28°C (79°F)
Nights are cool and clear | 16°C (61°F)
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