Passport to the Okavango Delta | A Story of Sand and Water

Passport to the Okavango Delta | A Story of Sand and Water

The Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s greatest stories- a geographical jewel that shouldn’t exist, an oasis that shouldn’t have been born.

Thanks to an earthquake some 50 000 years ago, 11 trillion litres of water now spill out onto the plains of this landlocked sand basin. With no river or sea to run into, The Okavango Delta floods 6 000km2 of flat Kalahari sands, transforming the desert into highways of crystal blue water, creating lakes, lagoons, and labyrinths that stretch over 15 000 square kilometres- an unbelievable tapestry that attracts an abundance of predators, mammals, and birdlife.

The largest inland wetland in the world is Nature’s greatest fluke and offers the adventurous an unparalleled experience of ‘true’ Africa. Accessible by light aircraft only, the Okavango delta remains Africa’s most exclusive and magnificent wildlife destination.

Explore the Okavango Delta

buffalo Okavango Delta
Dramatic Landscapes
A photographer's dream
The Okavango Delta offers incredible beauty at every turn, no matter the season. The gorgeous tones of Africa are an impressive background to the magnificent sightings available.
zebra Okavango Delta
A Land of Contrasts
A tale of raw beauty
From expanses of lakes in the desert, to soaring 40 degree temperatures, the Okavango delta contrasts pristine beauty against one of the harshest environments on earth
leopard Okavango Delta
Africa's Eden
Pristine environments & incredible experiences
Preserved and wild, the Okavango delta provides an unmatched experience into a pristine part of Africa. With uninterrupted views for as far as the eye can see and interactions that become keepsakes.
frequent the Okavango Delta in the dry winter months

Wildlife in the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s premier wildlife destinations, offering a permanent or seasonal home to Africa’s most magnificent beasts and bird life. Coinciding with Botswana’s dry winter months between June and August, the infamous floods reach the delta after a 1 000-kilometre journey, finally resting to invite one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife.

From elusive and rare glimpses of the African Wild Dog or cheetah, to everyday sightings of lumbering herds of elephant, or the faraway dust storms of hundreds of African Buffalos; the Okavango provides unforgettable interactions with many African animals on your safari bucket list.

The delta also beckons an abundance of birdlife, hosting over 560 different types of bird species- including the much requested Pel’s Fishing Eagle, the world’s only fish-eating owl. Marabou storks march the muddy waters, while African fish eagles stalk from the sky. Colourful bee-eaters from Europe mingle with the Lilac-breasted rollers, providing colour, chaos, and song to the dry, desert areas of the Delta.

lion okavango delta
th UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Okavango Delta became the 1,000th place to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014

Lodges in the Okavango Delta

The Okavango delta provides a luxury safari experience in one of the harshest and wild environments on the planet. Many lodges have vast private concessions, and animals traverse freely throughout the hectares of protected lands, while the human species can only access the lodges by light aircraft. This not only ensures exclusivity to the lodges’ guests, but also protects the lands from the burden of over-tourism.

Wilderness Safaris, our esteemed partners for over 22 years, bring exclusive experiences to the Okavango Delta and their lodges are world-renowned for their comfort, class, and unforgettable lifetime experiences. Set right in the heart of some of the busiest wildlife areas, they are leaders in the conservation and preservation of these pristine habitats.

A celebration of conservation & natural splendor
Renowned as “the Place of Plenty,” the enormous number and variety of wildlife around Little Mombo makes it a hugely sought-after wildlife-viewing destination in an ultra-luxurious setting.
Elevated Living
Playing host to a breathtaking mosaic of wooded, wetland and grassland habitats, the area is famed for its incredible numbers and diversity of wildlife, in particular predators.
Set in the heart of sand & water
A diverse range of wildlife across land and water, allowing land vehicles, mekoro and boats to deliver an all-round African safari experience.
kingfisher okavango delta
Some islands are tiny, built on termite hills, while others are the size of small towns

Experiences in the Okavango Delta

As vast as her lands, her animals, and her offerings, the Okavango delta presents a multitude of ways to explore. The lodges offer experiences within their hundreds of acreages, with activities adapting with the seasons.

Explore the Okavango Delta by land with a morning and evening game drive that delivers on every expectation; or choose to walk in the path of giants with a guided walking safari. Traverse the waterways and lagoons by boat, or immerse yourself in a mekoro canoe, surrounded by papyrus and the lapping of flood waters beneath. Additionally, explore the Okavango delta from the viewpoint of the African Fish Eagle and take in the tapestry of water and sand from the skies, in a helicopter or hot air balloon.

buck okavango delta
metre difference in elevation
The Okavango delta is a flat land- differing in variance by less than 2-metres.

Climate in the Okavango Delta

As with much in Africa, there is a heavy contrast between her temperatures and climate! The wildlife is available year-wide, although what you see will differ with the seasons. Both Summer and Winter offer excellent opportunities for game sightings and incredible experiences, but may vary in their offerings.


From April to September, the Okavango Delta experiences its Winter months. Days are warm, sunny, and dry while your night-time temperatures can drop to just above freezing. There is hardly ever rain in these months, so the bush is less dense, making animal sightings easier. The seasonal floods occur in this time, between June and August, creating dramatic landscapes and unforgettable sightings.


Summer begins in October, and with it, a dry heat. Just before the coming rains, the lands experience their hottest daytime temperatures- rising up to 40 degrees Celsius. From November to early December, the promise of first rains shape the sky, bringing cloud cover and relief from the heat. From mid-December to end February, the rains begin- as erratic and unpredictable as they are! Beautiful sunny days give way to the torrential downpours of late afternoons, with the sun often appearing for a last golden-hour performance. The ever-present water over the Summer months promise gorgeous photographs, a thriving bird sanctuary, and excellent game sightings.

April to September
Days are warm and sunny | 25°C (77°F)
Nights are cold and clear | 02°C (35,6°F)
October to March
Days are warm to hot, with hottest temperatures in Oct | 33°C (91°F)
Nights are cooler and clear | 19°C (66°F)
hyena okavango delta

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