Raison d’Etre

The reason we exist


Our Wines

The maiden vintage of Malcolm Ainscough wines was launched at the Explorers club, New York City, October 7th, 2015


Jafuta Foundation

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The Malcolm Ainscough Collection has supported the Jafuta Foundation for a number of years. Together we have raised over $500 000 to date.

The Jafuta Foundation acts as a catalyst to bring together the private sector, local authorities, communities and protected area management agencies to achieve its goals. It is a vehicle through which funds or assistance to any agency or cause can be channeled with the knowledge that 100% of those funds or assistance will go to the chosen project.

Anyone purchasing from the collection will be invited to select the charity of their choice which will benefit from their purchase. The funds will go initially to Jafuta Foundation from where they will be disbursed in full since The Jafuta Foundation operates free of any administrative costs.



Some years back, we rescued an aging Jack Russell female who we named “Dubby” because she was double-cute. I have always loved animals but this relationship was singularly special for many different reasons, all of which are very difficult to articulate except that this little bundle of fur and personality expanded our hearts more than we could ever have imagined.

When Dubby left us, I felt an overwhelming responsibility to do more for wildlife preservation and animal rescue so rather than approach our many generous friends for financial assistance, we resolved to create an ongoing revenue stream to benefit several foundations by establishing The Malcolm Ainscough Collection shop in Victoria Falls. It is fitting that this concept has developed into my Collection of Africa’s finest destinations, hotels, lodges, camps and professionals. A powerful concept simply grown from love.

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