Real African Safaris | Kruger Park – Vic Falls – Botswana – Cape Town

Real African Safaris | Kruger Park – Vic Falls – Botswana – Cape Town

In August, we welcomed a multigenerational family of 23 on an adventure across 3 continents in Africa, flying with 3 Pilatus PC12 aircraft. Staying in some of Africa’s most exclusive and luxurious lodges, our guests experienced fine dining against exotic backdrops, unforgettable moments, and once-in-a-lifetime encounters with wildlife; hosted by our Specialist Guide, Charles Ratcliffe, aka “Trout.”

Read on for more on this incredible adventure, from our Real African Safaris series!

The TMAC Guestbook

What was your favourite moment on safari?
My favorite moment was at Ngala, when we were traveling at night in the jeep with Marcus, our native Shangaan driver/guide. We were happy after a sundowner, and were belting out Africa-themed songs. We started butchering the opening song for the movie Lion King, and Marcus pulled the jeep to a stop and proceeded to sing the correct opening African lyrics in tune, then explain to us exactly what they meant. As I recall, he said two languages were used in the opening scene — Swahili, and perhaps Zulu? Anyway, for me it was a touching moment of Western childishness and ignorance ( albeit innocent) with a native standing up for the dignity of the beautiful lyrics and educating us on their meaning. Powerful stuff. I apologized to him later about the incident, but he laughed it off and said it was fun for him, which I believe was an honest response. Marcus ( and Chris, our spotter, who was also on the jeep for that event) were real treasures.
What was your favourite wildlife sighting on safari?
My favorite sighting was the female leopard we saw at Xigera, hunting from a large tree, then a termite mound, then a dead tree branch. That was fierce predatory concentration at its most intense, and was moving to see so closeup.
Where did you experience your favourite meal on safari?
My favorite meals were at Xigera. I can’t name one in particular, but the abundant, delectable cuisine there was fantastic!
Where was your best night's sleep on safari?
My best night’s sleep was at Xigera. The beds and bedspaces there were off the charts. I’ll tell you something funny… we thought the Xigera rooms were the finest we’ve ever stayed in, and we said that to Corina — who agreed. That’s saying something, given how and where they travel.
What recommendations or advice would you share with others who want to visit Africa?
For those who would visit Africa, I would recommend that they go with Trout, or with TMAC. I would strongly recommend AGAINST coming alone with no guidance, and we were so completely impressed with how Trout did his work, and how TMAC did its work, that we have vociferously recommended you both to everyone to whom we’ve described our trip.
Did you feel safe while travelling Africa, and staying at the safari lodges?
I felt completely safe at the lodges and at Jo’burg and Capetown, and on our day trips. Safe at all times. And regarding the wildlife in the lodges and on drives, I felt nothing but awe and respect at what I was seeing. No lack of safety. I felt complete confidence in the knowledge and skill of the professionals at the lodges.
Would you visit Africa again?
I hope to visit Africa at least once more, but am quite unlikely to visit South Africa again, given how precious my vacation days are. I would love to see the pyramids, Morocco, and Kilimanjaro/Serengeti/migration, but life is so short that repeating what we just did is not highly likely. That being said, it was truly, truly the most awe-inspiring thing I’ve ever done. and I feel so honored to have been able to do it. If I DO plan a visit to Kili/Serengeti, you can bet I’ll be calling you and Malcom to guide. It’s too bad our lives don’t allow us to pursue adventures like that more frequently!
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