Passport to Victoria Falls | Travel to the ‘Place of the Rainbows’

Passport to Victoria Falls | Travel to the ‘Place of the Rainbows’

From 30km away, you will first see it, as far-flung columns of white mist stretch up from the hard, hot horizons. As you get closer, you’ll hear it – a consistent white noise that interrupts the lazy sounds of an African afternoon, drumming its beat into your senses. And finally, you’ll feel it; droplets cling to your skin as you walk through the clouds to another world, where, finally, you’ll experience it- the majesty of Victoria Falls.

Mighty and magnificent, Victoria Falls is an epicentre of biodiversity and breath-taking landscapes. The relationship between the towering cliffs of the volcanic plateau and the lakes of water that thunder into earth’s jagged gorges has created a tropical rainforest that is lush in birdsong and exotic vegetation. Encasing this emerald green oasis are the harsh golden velds of the National Parks, abundant in wildlife and wild adventures. Dotted between, you’ll find the amusing town of Victoria Falls, with its manicured lawns peppered with foraging warthogs. And feeding them all- the fearsome Zambezi river, a pristine and unexplored body of water that visits 6 countries along its 2 700 km journey.

Explore Victoria Falls

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Explore the Zambezi
A Pristine & Unexplored Destination
The Zambezi is a source of sustenance to some of Africa’s most concentrated populations, including freshwater inhabitants. Experience wild encounters along the banks or beneath the depths of this mighty river
travel victoria falls
The World's Largest Waterfall
Take the scenic route
Earth’s largest curtain of falling water is an experience like no other. Witness a reality shift as you step into a tropical paradise set in one of the harshest environments in the world.
travel victoria falls
Home to Wildlife & Wild Adventures
Year-round Experiences & Encounters
Wild and untamed, the mighty and majestic attractions of Victoria Falls offers incredible game sightings, exotic bird species, and action-packed adventures
Species of Raptors
It's also home for breeding pairs of the Taita falcon, black eagle, peregrine falcon and augur buzzard

Wildlife in Victoria Falls

Within the tropical paradise of the waterfalls, you will encounter a huge variety of birdlife- hornbills, Goliath Herons and Paradise fly-catchers add song and colour to the scenery, while vervet monkeys and chacma baboons play above. If you’re in the town of Victoria Falls, you’ll be able to spot giraffe, warthogs, and zebra on the lawns of homes and hotels- or wandering through the streets!

With 3 national parks (Victoria Falls National Park, Zambezi National Park, and Hwange National Park) close to the Falls, you can expect to see an impressive amount of wildlife. Beautiful mopane forests and thousands of hectares of plains are home to elephants, lion, buffalo, leopard, wild dogs, giraffe, a vast assortment of buck and antelope, and plenty of hippos and crocodiles in the waters.

With over 400 types of birds and 75 types of fish, including the toothy Tiger Fish, the pristine spaces surrounding Victoria Falls are a haven to nature’s greatest wonders and wildlife.

Travel Victoria Falls
First Sighted by Livingstone
David Livingstone and Europeans found Victoria Falls in 1855, and popularised it as a destination among Western parts of the world

Luxury Lodges in Victoria Falls

Explore an area rich in experiences, encounters, and environments, while embracing the finest collections of luxury and exclusivity. Our recommended luxury lodges are pinnacles of first-class travel destinations, and boast exquisite locations, world-class expertise, and a commitment to create experiences that last for a lifetime.

A luxury icon in Africa for more than 110 years
Echoing its glorious pedigree since 1904, The Victoria Falls Hotel is truly a five-star experience of pure grandeur. Style, glamour and sophistication are hallmarks of this hotel, as is their supreme destination
Tranquility in an African Eden
Surrounded by the tranquility of Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve and primely located just 15 minutes from the Falls themselves, Stanley & Livingstone invites you to explore or just relax in one of the continent’s most loved destinations.
Redefining Luxury Retreats
Experience the magic that is Matetsi Victoria Falls, the ultimate safari experience and idyllic retreat from which to visit the largest waterfall on earth.
Travel Victoria Falls
The Victoria Falls are 1.7km long, or just over one mile

Experiences in Victoria Falls

Whether you’re after adrenalin or escapism, Victoria Falls has so much to offer! The town offers a quaint, but eclectic setting. Art galleries line the streets, trendy nightspots capture the nights, and exquisite local cuisines beckon from unexpected environments.

Lose yourself on the cliffs of the Victoria Falls as you plummet into the gorges via a bungee jump or swim at earth’s edge in the Devil’s Pools. Ride rapids, get up close with baby crocodiles at the crocodile sanctuary or cruise along the Zambezi with a sundowner in hand, as hippo heads peek up from the depths.

If you’re searching for wild adventures, don’t pass up the opportunities for a privately guided game drive at sunrise or sunset. Witness incredible encounters against everchanging landscapes or capture the sheer enormity of the Falls with an aerial view from a helicopter. Track the rare White Rhino on foot and take a guided walking tour into the untamed to experience ‘Wild Africa.’

Travel Victoria Falls
of 7 Natural Wonders of the World
The Falls join the Great Barrier Reef, Grand Canyon, the Aurora Borealis, the Paricutin volcano, the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro and Mount Everest

Climate in Victoria Falls

Different times of the year will provide completely different experiences, meaning that Victoria Falls is a year-round destination. The full glory of Victoria Falls can be seen from April to June, as every minute 500 million cubic meters of water plummet below, however, the voluminous spray means that the key viewpoints are clouded- but the aerial views are fantastic!


Victoria Falls enjoys mild and warm winters, from April to August. Expect great game viewing with warm days and cool nights and virtually no chance of rain. As April and May close in, summer and its last rains end, but the falls are in their full glory of height and speed. June, July, and August bring cool mornings, but warm and sunny afternoons. From September to October, just before the first rains, the environment experiences some of its hottest temperatures- sometimes reaching 45. The falls are at their lowest, but the visibility from Zimbabwe’s side is excellent, as is the game viewing in surrounding national parks.


Starting in late October or early November, the ‘Green Season’ begins, inviting the first rains and transforming dust into a reprieve. Between the months of December to March, Victoria Falls is at the height of its summer and its wet season, while the Zambezi river begins collecting traction, building and swelling in size. Afternoons can bring excessive and dramatic downpours, which are often immediately replaced with blue skies. Adventurous activities, such as the Devil’s Pools and river rafting are closed due to the height and speed of the water, and much of the falls is hidden in spray, but rainbows perch like butterflies on every angle.

April to October
Days are warm and sunny | 28°C (82°F)
Nights are cool and clear | 12°C (53°F)
November to March
Days are warm to hot, with afternoon downpours | 33°C (91°F)
Nights are warm and clear | 20°C (68°F)
Travel Victoria Falls

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